Website Design & Development

Our approach is internet-centric and we specialize in websites, design, and e-commerce that generate sales and create loyal customers.

Every day, our clients share with, sell to, and help thousands of people.

Whether you’re looking to create a company website, a sleek E-commerce site, a stylish personal blog or a custom online concept, DNP delivers on your objectives.


Web and Design

We make this process fun because we take the time to understand where you’re coming from, and then deliver a website that delivers for your business.


We'll help you create the right approach for presenting your products and services with promotions, an easy shopping cart, and minimal clicks to order. We work with multiple platforms and we custom code too.

Personal Blogs

We'll design your blog around the type of content you create - video, written, photography or artwork. It's all custom to you and designed to grow your audience.

What We Do

Whether you're marketing workshops, services, or products, understanding your customer and what they want to see is the key to a design that is intuitive and speaks to your audience.
Here are a few ways we help to engage your audience:

  • Easy checkout and shopping cart layouts that maximize conversions.

  • Minimizing the number of clicks to get your users what they need... quickly.

  • Meaningful calls to action to move your customer to click.

  • Integrating 3rd party fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping APIs.

  • Responsive code so your site renders beautifully across devices.

  • We also submit your site to the top 3 search engines and set up your pages with keywords for SEO indexing.

  • Integration of Google analytics so you can track your site’s traffic, conversion rates and much more.
  • Our Process

    We begin with brainstorming sessions to go over the key objectives for your project. From these calls we will outline the main features, offerings, approach and styling details. We then take our lists of notes from our calls and put together our strategy for your site, including; navigation, promotional areas, messaging, offerings, special features, style, colors, etc…
    Next, we’ll work on design. We begin by creating a mock-up of the new home page for your site. We’ll review it together and will make any changes you request, until you love it! The next step is to create custom internal page designs to promote key pages and offerings. We determine which internal pages we'll design when we have our brainstorming sessions.
    We also can take your .psds on designs you've created and build the backend/programming to pixel-perfect. We can even build page-by-page.
    Development & First Review of Site:
    During development we'll discuss: content generation and consistency, cross branding of your social media pages, design of marketing pieces (handouts, business cards, etc…). We work on the design of these marketing pieces during this time so we are ready with a cohesive message and approach when we launch the site.
    Once completed, you will be able to review your new, working site on our staging server. This is what we call the 1st review.
    Launching Your New Site:
    After your site review, there are usually a few revision lists, and once we make those changes, you will be ready to go live!

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